In memory of 
Olle Bærtling
There is one Swedish artist who has made an entirely original contribution to the art of our time, comparable with the foremost masters of modern art history, and that is Olle Bærtling. It is all too easy to use presumptuous words on a matter like this. And yet, I wish to maintain that Bærtling, with his 'open form' and his 'two-dimensional sculptures', is the only Swede - besides Viking Eggeling, whose achievement came to a stop at its very beginning - who has added something unique to the store of forms available to art. His work, from 1950 to his death in 1981, has an innovative quality and an international range which may be compared - mutatis mutandis - with the finest achievements of scholarly research. It is not by chance that his works have found a place in many universities around the world.
Bærtlings art requires that we can understand with the eyes and see with the intellect. It makes visible concepts like 'force', 'movement', 'tension', 'energy', 'struggle'..... What you see is a continually gambit of oppsites, and these opposites create a tremendous dynamic that at superficial consideration might seem disharmonious. But here there are a harmony of higher order, obvious to the one who gives himself time to contemplate what happens outside the markings (painted on canvas or cut in steel). The disharmony is only a starting point for the physically present of these objects. Let the shape act. Observe where it leads. By extension the opposites reaches balance - this 'either - or' is ''both - and'. The disharmony becomes a confirmation of the diversity of opportunities. A great harmony 'after all'.

Gunnar Berefelt 1933 - 2016
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the History of Art at the University of Stockholm


Olle Bærtling
Olle Bærtling 1911 - 1981 
photo László Bogardy
Creator of open form
"Invisible wealth is to be found in open form.

It radiates a compressed concentration of highly-charged power that is transformed with suggestive radiant force into infinite space in strong dynamics and unknown dimensions.

Art at its most sublime is a hymn of praise to creation, an invisible but ever-present force. 

A sense of the infinite, a flight to an invisible destination.
A positive change of man's inner life, a realization of his world of ideas. An intellectualization, a visualization of the positive source of creative power, a visualization of its ethereal beauty."

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Olle Bærtling


Sculpture YAYAO 1971 h 525 cm Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou, Paris 

Irgur, 1958
Oil on canvas, 195 x 97cm 

Drawing for TV tower in Abu Dhabi,
from 1978,
based upon the sculpture YAYAO


 Stipendiater - 2021 - Inez Jönsson

Inez Jönsson

Inez Jönsson får Bærtlingstipendiet år 2021 för hennes konsekvent och minutiöst utförda målningar, där motiv och material bokstavligen flätas samman. Tagel, linne, bomullsväv och egenhändigt tillverkade spännramar sammanfogas i strikt geometriska former. Sammantaget skapar de konstverk som både kan beskrivas som målningar och objekt.  

Som Olle Bærtling söker Inez Jönsson olika gränser. Bærtling sökte sig mot en öppen form, där målningarna alltmer blev till utsnitt av en större omgivning, medan Jönsson balanserar mellan målning och objekt. I bägge fallen utvidgas konstens möjligheter genom ett koncentrerat och stringent formspråk.  

 Specialpris - Nils Kölare - Cajsa Holmstrand - Lars Englund

Mellan åren 2006 och 2016 delade stiftelsen ut ett specialpris - vart femte år - till en konstnär som under lång tid verkat i den konstruktiva traditionen.
2006-Nils Kölare, 2011-Cajsa Holmstrand, 2016-Lars Englund

Detta pris har upphört med anledning av att prissumman för det årliga stipendiet har höjts.