X Stäng

1930 - 2007

Was for the most part active in Stockholm

University College of Arts in Stockholm.

Public works:
Light-courts in Huddinge hospital
Curtain in auditorium, School of Hagalund 
Mural painting in hospital of Danderyd
Post terminal in Göteborg,
Hospital of Ryhov in Jönköping
Colouration for Elektrolux engineering 
plant in Mariestad and others.

A geometric nonfigurative painting by musical, non dogmatic character, where the colours and the forms of "tone value" forms a construction work in the symphony of picture.

The National Museum of Fine Art in Stockholm,
The Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm,
The Art Museums in Norrköping, Eskildstuna, 
Gävle and Sundsvall. 
In several Rural district and County council in Sweden

He got the specialprize 2006 for a artistic ability in the spirit of Olle Baertling.

Few unite as he poetry paintings with geometrical stringency. Enjoy the accuracy, be seduced by the sensuous surfaces.


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