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2011 - Cajsa Holmstrand

Born: 1951 

Capellagården-School of craft and design, Vickleby, Sweden
University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm, Swedwn.

Representation/Public works:

The Hospital of Huddinge 1981
The Hospital of Karolinska, Stockholm 1986
Post terminal Gothenburg 1986
Akademiska sjukhuset Uppsala (hospital) 1988
Post terminal Helsingborg 1989
The bar of the theatre, Stockholm´s Stadsteater 1990
Knutpunkten Helsingborg´s station 1991
The University of Luleå 1993
Stureby School Stockholm 2000.

Since the 70's she has been interested in the possibility of making the Pythagoras theorem valid for a three-dimensional image. She has been dealing with relations between a different number of cubes which generated an enormous number of beautiful and exciting works of art. 

Cajsa Holmstrand receive the special prize for a artistic ability in the spirit of Olle Baertling.
Her art is a beautiful and pleasurable consequence of the efforts to artistically portray one of the oldest and most well-known formulas in the geometry, Pythagoras theorem or Fermat's enigma.

"Vikbart Gul", 2009, screen printing, 50x33cm
"Pythagoras red", 2009, screen printing, 90x35cm

"Pythagoras(1)", 1999, screen printing, 50x35cm
"Pythagoras(2)", 1999, screen printing, 50x35cm

"Pythagoras(3)", 1999, screen printing, 50x35cm

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