Olle Bærtling, Stockholm, 1951. Foto: Lennart Olson © Hallands Konstmuseum

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Robin Seir

The Bærtling Scholarship 2023

Robin Seir works with monochrome paintings in black or copper. Across the surface, he repeats one or more simple geometric formations in combinations, which in turn form clusters that can be mirrored across the entire canvas. The canvases repeatedly measure either 190 x 70 or 37 x 26 cm, giving them proportions that either remind one of a full-figure human or of a portrait. The paintings thus oscillate between being an object, on par with the observer, and being a surface that engulfs the field of vision.

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Explore the fascinating world of Bærtling's art and discover his unique vision and style.

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Here is a compilation of exciting exhibitions showcasing Bærtling's abstract paintings and sculptures, where geometric shapes and optical illusions take center stage.

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Hallands Konstmuseum, Halmstad
Foto: Hallands Konstmuseum

Olle Bærtling

Olle Bærtling (1911-1981) was one of Sweden's greatest artists of the 20th century, most known for his paintings with triangular color fields.

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Olle Bærtling, Stockholm 1951. Foto: Lennart Olson © Hallands Konstmuseum