About the Foundation

Board FAQ


The Bærtling Foundation is a non-profit endowment foundation established in 1983 by Lisa von Roxendorff-Bærtling, widow of Olle Bærtling. The purpose of the foundation is to promote constructive art in the spirit of Olle Bærtling and Lisa von Roxendorff-Bærtling by providing support for the education and training of artists. The foundation also aims to raise awareness of Olle Bærtling and his artistic legacy.

Annually, the foundation awards a scholarship, known as the Bærtling Scholarship, primarily to young artists working in the spirit of Olle Bærtling. The scholarship amount is currently 100,000 Swedish kronor and is intended for artistic education. Recipients of the scholarship are selected by the foundation’s board. It is not possible to apply for a scholarship from the foundation.

Another important function of the foundation is to own and manage Olle Bærtling’s artistic estate. The foundation holds an extensive archive and a large collection of Bærtling’s works, including paintings, sculptures, prints, architectural models, and textiles. The foundation’s activities include placing Bærtling’s works in significant museum collections and public institutions, depositing works with museums and institutions, and participating in exhibitions of Bærtling’s art worldwide. The foundation also serves as a source of information for anyone interested in Bærtling and his art. As part of its activities, the foundation supports research and publications about Bærtling. Additionally, the foundation contributes to various activities related to Bærtling’s art.